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Ringside Preachers

Mar 1, 2023

The Ringside Preachers are on the road LIVE in Phoenix, AZ at the Best Practices Event. Take a listen to what's going on out there in ministry according to a few of our friends around the country. Thanks to Rev. Jeff Schrank for an awesome opportunity for conversation!



  1. Freedom! At Best Practices Ministry with Rev. Jeff Schrank
  2. People Burnout with John Garcia
  3. Infusing Joy in Faith with Rev. Kevin Jud and Rev. Adam Steinbrenner
  4. Why be a Pastor? SMP with Joel Ripke
  5. The Shock of Real Sinners with Rev. Thomas Gustafson




Rev. Jeff Schrank at Christ Church Lutheran, Phoenix

John Garcia at Christ the King Lutheran, Newbury Park

Rev. Kevin Jud at Immanuel Lutheran Church and School, Hamilton, Ohio

Rev. Adam Steinbrenner at St. John Lutheran Church, Dublin, OH

Joel Ripke at Peace Lutheran, Columbus

Rev. Thomas Gustafson at Immanuel Lutheran Grand Rapids, MI



Thank you:

Grace Lutheran Ventura

St. James Lutheran, Chicago





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