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Ringside Preachers

Oct 30, 2018

What pleasure to serve you such a fine meal of rich discussion, hearty laughter and undeserved pleasure in the forgiveness of sins and the hope of eternal life. No latin here folks or any dead languages for that matter. Sometimes we even make up our own words! brought to you by 1517 podcast network.

Oct 26, 2018

What a privilege to be invited to the 2nd annual Here We Still Stand conference in San Diego CA. We had a great studio audience and hopefully entertained and enlightened by God's grace. Talk about Balaam's ass! So we are! Enjoy the episode check us out on Facebook - ringsidepreachers, instagram-...

Oct 15, 2018

ep97 - defending God? happy loser v. mad winner, concerned seminarian, Christians & money? by 1517 Podcasts

Oct 8, 2018

They say there are few things more enjoyable for a man than sitting in a worn leather chair smoking a cuban, casting a fly across an secluded Canadian river, or eating a block of cheese in your underwear on a warm summer's evening. Well we beg to differ. Give yourself a treat my friend. Put on your headphones and take...

Oct 1, 2018

ep95 - talking to a 7 yr old about death, being in the word? kavenaugh affect? divorce ok? by 1517 Podcasts