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Ringside Preachers

Apr 17, 2017

Wake up the kids! Shake your fists! Grab your girl and spin her around! Christ is risen. Death is conquered. Sins forgiven. Stop being afraid. Step forward. The preachers throw some subjects around the ring. Have a listen and tell us what ya think. plus a great commercial for United Ushering Service hmmm. topics: 1. DO YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN THE PHYSICAL RESURRECTION TO BE A CHRISTIAN? Can you just believe it happened existentially or spiritually? 2. WHO WAS RIGHT on UNITED AIRLINES? the passenger, the company? Where are all the real men? Where are the heroes who give up their seat instead of hiding behind their rights? Flying has become emasculating! 3. BAPTISM AND EASTER GO HAND IN HAND. Why does the easter vigil liturgy have baptism in it? What's the connection? Is it just a catholic thing? See Romans 6 hmm 4. EVIL PEOPLE ARE ALSO WELL EDUCATED! Check out the credentials of Assad and his wife. Smart and well educated, yet gassing their own people! I thought educations makes a more civil society? 5. LOUIS CK EXPLAINS ABORTION AND THE VALUE OF LIFE. Louis CK amazingly lays out the bare facts on abortion and the value of life. Do you agree? 6. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE SCRIPTURE? Sounds like we believe in the resurrection just because the bible says so. Did it really happen? what does that phrase mean in Paul's words to the Corinthians 15, in our creeds? Questions, comments, ideas? email, check out our ringside preachers Facebook page and music: I love my man by Dead Bees, Ain't no grave by Johnny Cash, In the arms of the king by Joel Allen Hess