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Ringside Preachers

Oct 16, 2017

After narrowly not making the cut to be put on the next deep space probe, this 50th episode of Ringside is instead dedicated to real live people such as yourself! Give it a listen! ToPiCS: 1. PASTORS KEEP POLITICAL OPINIONS OF SOCIAL MEDIA. Is your pastor on social media too much. Should he be voicing his opinion about social security or immigration policy? 2. SOLA GRATIA - GRACE ALONE. Why is this an important teaching of the church. Do we hear it too much? 3. APOLOGETICS DON'T WORK FOR POSTMODERN PEOPLE? Do people care about truth at all? Does demonstrating that its possible to be a scientist and believe in 6 day creation help anyone? 4. WHAT DO PEOPLE MEAN WHEN THEY SAY MY 'NARRATIVE' AND 'METANARRATIVE'? Code words for leave me alone. you don't understand me? intro poem - love is a dog from hell, charles bukowski music: dead bees, lilia hauenstein