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Ringside Preachers

Dec 1, 2017

So hardcore Christian we celebrate pre-advent. So faithful we tell poor old ladies, "get behind me satan! No we won't be playing any Christmas Carols during Advent." Joel, Paul and Ross are joined by Rev. Bob Hiller for some serious banter about issues you need answers to now! Tyler will be back soon! Apologize for not the best recording TOPICS: 1. What do you tell someone who lost a loved one who didn't believe in Christ? Do you give hope? Maybes? or just tell them how it is! What would you do? 2. What is the meaning of Jesus prophecy regarding Sheep and Goats, Judgement and the Last day? Is He telling us to do prison ministry and set up food banks? Is He warning us to do good works? 3.Advent? What is it? Is it important, helpful, necessary? Is it wrong to sing christmas carols during advent? How do we get advent back? 4. Adiophara? What do you do in the Church with things God does not command for us to do? Does the color of carpet matter? organ vs. praise band? Where did this term come from? Reformers fear of looking too roman catholic hmmm? 5. Is the answer to growing the church - making babies? Was the growth of christianity more due to people multiply versus discipling? music Dead Bees, Joel Allen Hess