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Ringside Preachers

Dec 3, 2018

The fruit cake has been served. The hot toddy awaits your approval. the leather chair has been warmed to your tastes. Sit down! you deserve it. you filthy sinner. Happy Advent. Merry Christmas. The ringside boys have cooked up a special dish just for you! topics: 1. CAN YOU SING CHRISTMAS SONGS DURING ADVENT? Are you a nerd or concerned seminarian and freak out when Christmas songs are played during advent? Why? 2. I believe in the church. Was its das? Can you really say that? Why is that in the creed? What does the Church look like? 3. What do you get your boys for Christmas? Stocking stuffer ideas 4. SEX an VIOLENCE. When you misuse sex or do things that are not natural you will have problems. porn stars commit suicide. Divorced families need therapy. An angry ex lover might kill the woman you cheated on her with. duh. 5. John the Baptist and Christmas! Why do we talk about him during advent? Do you need a John the baptist nativity doll?