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Ringside Preachers

Jan 28, 2019

This is no fire drill! It's the real thing. Listen to the following podcast for further instructions! A proud member of the 1517 podcast network. topics: 1. What does heaven look like? Everyone wants to know. How do we answer? 2. Abortion? How do we talk about as church? Is it really just a right and wrong discussion? What does 'health' exceptions really mean in abortion laws? Can a person who had an abortion attend church? 3. Democrats in conservative church bodies. Why would someone think that you can't be a democrat and attend a conservative church body? Have we gone too far in putting people in groups!? 4. Jesus casts out a demon Luke 4. What is Luke trying to get across to us? How is Jesus word powerful. are there demons now? fire and ice - Robert Frost I love my man - dead bees records never change - Henry hess