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Ringside Preachers

Jul 9, 2017

There's no party like a holy spirit party cuz a holy spirit party don't stop! We are back to talk about stuff that probably shouldn't be talked about among polite company! Earmuffs kids! We have a special guest, Andrew Menz, joining us to talk about the value and joy of hunting as well other topics! 1. DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE HAS BECOME MEANINGLESS? 2. HUNTING IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL 3. ROMANS 7 - SIMULTANEOUSLY SINNER AND SAINT!? CAN YOU STRUGGLE WITH SIN AND STILL BE A SAINT? 4. WAS THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR JUST? WOULD YOU HAVE BEEN A LOYALIST OR REBEL 5. FORGET ABOUT GOING TO HEAVEN! WHAT ABOUT THE RESURRECTION!