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Ringside Preachers

Jan 15, 2018

Still using the Julian calendar? You liked New Coke better than classic? You go to a conservative church but you only like to hang out with liberal friends? Welcome to the podcast for everybody else! While Ross is in training to serve as a chaplain in the navy, Cindy Koch fills in quite well! And she is better looking! topics: 1. WHAT TO DO ABOUT BAD PREACHING!? Pastors don't like to be critiqued. They take it personally. But there is bad preaching and it needs to stop. Bad content, poor delivery and inability to express a point! 2. WHEN TO WEAR A TIE? Every man should have some ties at his disposal. When should he wear them? 3. SILENCE IN THE WORSHIP SERVICE. Are we afraid of it? Is there a benefit to uncomfortable silences? Are there bad silences? 4. JOHN 1:43-51 NATHANIEL mimics Trump? WHAT IS THE ANGEL DESCENDING ASCENDING MEAN? 5. WHY DO LECTIONARY CHURCHES READ THREE DIFFERENT SCRIPTURE SELECTIONS? Hess things its a little too much especially when a scripture passage does not make immediate sense and the pastor isn't able to preach on it. like our Facebook page - ringsidepreachers MUSIC: intro - JFK speaking to NASA, DEAD BEES - I love my man outro - Walking in the moonlight by Willing Virginia (JA Hess)