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Ringside Preachers

Dec 28, 2020

While you are comparing your presents and life to others, pour a Sidecar, turn off the Taylor Swift, and man up.
 Topics: - Christmas movie reviews by the Preachers - Should we explain miracles by natural phenomena? (i.e. History Channel Theology) - The world is crumbling around us… at the birth of Jesus - Artsy preaching or plain speak: what is better? Guest: Tyler’s Dad Thank you: proud member of the 1517 Podcast Network and Concordia Seminary, St. Louis
 and Music: Willing Virginia - Christmas Time, on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud Dead Horse One - I love my man Other Stuff: The Nativity, Albrecht Altdorfer Richard Townes, Bethel Lutheran Howard City, MI Christmas Bells, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, Johnny Cash