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Ringside Preachers

Oct 30, 2016

get ready to laugh out loud and then cry without ceasing. topics: who would luther vote for? whats the big deal about reformation? would Luther be kicked out today? catholic lite ugh! how important are original languages to reformation/today? is the reformation relevant today?

Oct 23, 2016

Entertaining and Engaging theology with 3 preachers thinking through Culture and God's Word. This weeks episode: Andy Warhol, Is it it a sin not to work out?, Can Christians use profanity?, Should my kid go to a Christian College, cremation, how and how not to prepare for communion, why do teenagers dictate what's...

Oct 17, 2016

Ring the bell, the preachers throw these topics around the ring! Is Acting a manly profession, Bring back the wake, porn culture and politics, do you have to repent to believe?, Trump and Clinton, bob dylan nobel laureate?, preparing vs. protecting parenting. music - intro - the dead bees. outro - willing virginia/joel hess

Oct 7, 2016

Episode 2 features discussion of how to be a christian parent and watch your kid play sports, gun control, british royalty, whats up with these clowns, does the church need the 1st amendment, is humor a virtue

Oct 3, 2016

ringside d - 10:3:16, 6.04 PM by 1517 Podcasts