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Ringside Preachers

Jun 18, 2018

Happy Father's Day! Give the old man what he wants, what he needs! Give him some Ringside. Make him an Old Fashioned. Grab his leather LLBean slippers. Leave him alone for an hour of fascinating discussion, deep laughs and cosmic meditation. Check us out on Facebook,, We are proudly...

Jun 12, 2018

ep81b pics during baptism? Kingdom building? D-Day heroes by 1517 Podcasts

Jun 11, 2018

ep81 D-Day & the church, Kingdom of God means..., Who wouln't a pastor marry? by 1517 Podcasts

Jun 4, 2018

We are here to serve you! While you sweat during reps or sprints - let us motivate. While you scream at other drivers on the road as you drive to recklessly to work with a jesus fish on your bumper - let us inspire. While you sit on your deck with a can of Strohs in your hand and a copy of Thomas Pynchon's V. in the...