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Ringside Preachers

Jun 23, 2019

ep131 confession&absolution necessary? screens v. hymnals, St. Paul and loving the church by 1517 Podcasts

Jun 17, 2019

ep130 double predestination VBS, Lord's Supper from the AC, Distractions, The Law as babysitter by 1517 Podcasts

Jun 9, 2019

What am I listening to? Is that a question you are having right now as you sit back in your corduroy La Z boy sipping on some Old Style? Or is it a question you had Sunday Morning in Church? Enjoy this special Mash up of Craft of Preaching and Ringside! We begin by talking about the Pope's recent approval of changing...

Jun 3, 2019

It's tornado season and that means its time to crack open an Old Style and enjoy your favorite pontificators on a podcast: Ringside! Thanks for listening 1517 podcast network - like us on facebook, instagram, twitter topics: 1. Burnout disease. WHO has...