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Ringside Preachers

Jun 3, 2019

It's tornado season and that means its time to crack open an Old Style and enjoy your favorite pontificators on a podcast: Ringside! Thanks for listening 1517 podcast network - like us on facebook, instagram, twitter topics: 1. Burnout disease. WHO has officially recognized burn out as an epidemic. Paul makes a connection to a lot of pastors. Recommendation - Gin 2. Churches in Canada closing. What does it mean? Who cares. An article notes the importance of churches and community service. does that matter? 3. Acts 16 Lydia's hospitality. Why is it important. Do you open your house up to others. Do you like to throw parties. Is that what Christian's should do 4. AC 9 Baptism. Why do people accuse some christians of believing in baptism and not Jesus. 5. Logical Fallacies - argument of ignorance. How does this not work? 6. Pentecost - what is it? How do you celebrate it? How is it the birth of the church? poetry - Gwendolyn Brooks -the mother John F. Kennedy's NASA speech music: dead bees, joel allen hess