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Ringside Preachers

Mar 19, 2017

There may be no snakes in Ireland but there are plenty in the churches! put some Dunhill's in your pipe, pour a little Powers over ice, set your feet up an ottoman and treat yourself to a little Ringside! topics: pre talk - bar theology, paul's bar celebration - last day theory! 1. Patrick is my favorite hero of the Church! 2. Are we forgiven because we repent? how do we know when we have repented enough? 3. teach your kids to have courage! doesn't matter if its a natural instinct or not. Men should be brave. check out the movie Force Majeure. 4. When we pray - thy kingdom come - we are praying against ourselves, what are we praying for? Do you mean this prayer? 5. 2 kinds of righteousness. In conversations about God and man it is so essential to distinguish between righteousness with God and righteousness between men. it would stop a lot of needless arguments among nerd pastors. 6. Do anti trinitarians go to hell? Do you have to believe clearly the trinity? what if you hold unknowingly to an error 7. Vampire fallacy in modern warfare and church growthery! does technology win the battle for us or do we have to put boots on the ground?! music: Dylan Thomas - do not go gently into that good night, dead bees production - i love my man, Aislynn - Maggie