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Ringside Preachers

May 22, 2017

This ain't no conspiracy. This ain't no whispering in the dark. This is unfiltered mountain spring water that you cupped with your hands and splashed upon your leathered tan face. Take a gulp and let it run down your beard. Special guest - Michael Salminen talks about the science and importance of exercise and weight lifting. Kevin the IT guy throws out some free advice. Tyler's back! turn us on a join the party! TOPICS: 1. LEARNING INSTINCT. Good instinct can be learned from education and experience. We can even have a theological/spiritual instinct informed by God's Word. 2. WORKING OUT/EXERCISE/WEIGHTLIFTING. Our Guest Michael Salminen talks about the science of exercise and how it makes us better people. Ross reminds that he was a D1 athlete! Go Illini! 3. CHRIS CORNELL, GRUNGE AND SUICIDE. What do you tell someone contemplating suicide? What do you tell someone in mourning? Is it the unforgivable sin? Hess hates grunge by the way - despises it. its fake crap. listen to the re deal before good music sold out! Husker Du, Replacements, Minor Threat, Stiff Little Fingers, Pixies, etc. 4. WHAT DO YOU TELL SOMEONE WHO SAYS HE CANT TRUST THE BIBLE? People are confused by these pseudo intellectual shows like the history and discovery channel. what do you tell someone who wonders whether they can trust the texts of the bible? 5. NASSIM TALEB'S BLACK SWAN THEORY! All worldviews are shaped by completely unforseeable events according to taleb. Therefore we should not get stuck within our current world view. hmmm can this be backed up. Does it matter? Is the resurrection a black swan event? 6. JESUS ASCENDED INTO HEAVEN DOESNT MEAN ELVIS LEFT THE BUILDING. What does Jesus ascension mean for us today? music: dead bees, Joel Allen Hess