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Ringside Preachers

Sep 17, 2017

Do you like long walks on the beach, puppies and the color tan? Then you are gonna love this plate of pickled meats! The fellas get to the point on a couple of topics! Plus instead of a sponsor we are doing a fundraiser for journalists who were put out of work due to the shortcomings of Hurricane Irma! Topics: 1. WHAT DO YOU TELL A DYING MAN? confession of sins? give em Jesus? Ask if they really really truly truly are a believer? 2. STRAW MAN ARGUMENTS. What are they? Why do they fail? Why do we engage in them? 3. NOT EVERYONE CARES ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE! Seriously not everyone cares about whether they go to hell or turn to dust. 4. WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR CHURCH BODY DOESNT HAVE A CHURCH WITHIN 30 MILES? Stay home? go to the church of christian science? 5. WHAT DO YOU CALL A WOMAN PASTOR? M'am? Pastrix? sinner? Music: dead bees, FreckledAsian And yes Neil Postman is mentioned once LIKE AND SHARE! WE LOVE YOU AND NEED YOU!