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Ringside Preachers

Sep 24, 2017

Climb on board, this train is bound for glory! It may be a rough ride, the company might be ragged, and your conductor might be a little rough around the edges, but we will get you where you need to go! All aboard! SPECIAL PUB EDITION. RECORDED LIVE AT FOX IN THE HOUNDS, CLAYTON, MO. We apologize if the sound is not up to the usual parlaphone quality. The content however is bar none. Also, instead of Tyler the intern and Ross, we enjoyed the company of Cindy Koch and Tim Barkett! TOPICS: 1. PASTOR SHORTAGE? Why do we need pastors? How can we get more? What can you do! the external word! 2.WHY DO LUTHERANS TALK ABOUT JUSTIFICATION ALL THE TIME? Is it too much? Is there anything else? 3. TALKING TO YOUR SONS ABOUT SEX. Hess says it should just be a biology lesson. Tim wants us to be more positive about sex 4. ARE YOU SUPERSTITIOUS? Often times even Christians get all superstitious and cling to bizarre 'signs' 5. IS AMERICA FIRST A CHRISTIAN IDEA? Does it contradict love your neighbor? music: Dead Bees, Joel Allen Hess, JFK