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Ringside Preachers

Feb 12, 2018

Der Glaube lebt; die Taube schwebt, des Heilands holder Bote. Der für euch fliesst, des Weines geniesst und nehmt vom Lebensbrote! from the opera Parsifal, Richard Wagner Welcome to Ringside! Alas we are all together again for your listening pleasure! TOPICS: 1 ELON MUSK IS A MAN! we should all aspire to make such things happen. or not? Why do we admire this guy? 2. WHY GO TO MARS!? Do Christians care about space exploration? Is it a waste of money? Is God pleased? 3. ASH WEDNESDAY. Do we have to do it? Is it emotional manipulation? How many ways can we humorously use the word 'ash'? 4. GAMBLING BAD? Is it ok to gamble? Does God care? do we get lost in rules regard what exactly is right or wrong? 5. DO WE STUCK ON SEEING SALVATION THROUGH THE LEGAL SCHEME ALONE? NT Wright and Gerhard Forde push us to see the bigger picture. Or is that wrong? 6. ARE CHURCHES MISSING THE WORKING CLASS? Gene Edward Veith recently wrote a couple of thoughts on how we are missing them MUSIC - intro - dead bees, outro - Ryan Kosmatka & Joel Hess