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Ringside Preachers

Mar 12, 2018

A very special St. Patrick's Day edition of Ringside, starring your favorite converted pagans! Enjoy a hilarious yet deep conversation about how Mafia Movies, Oscar Romero, Martin Scorcese and prayer! It all fits together! Check us out on Facebook - ringsidepreachers. We are sponsored by 1517 Legacy and the topics: 1. Why are we attracted to mafia movies? Why do people join the mafia? Gang mentality, identity, purpose. Do you have a favorite mafia movie? Paul references the book Tribe, by Sebastian Junger 2.Why is praying so hard? How can we improve our prayer life? Law or Gospel. Why do we not pray? Are we secretly mad that God doesn't answer prayers as we would want? the movie "Silence" by Martin Scorcese is referenced 3. Mark 10 Jesus give me what I want? Watch out God might give you what you pray for! The disciples were looking for glory and we do too! 4.Oscar Romero! Recently pronounced a saint by Francis (yes we make fun of that) Romero was an interesting controversial figure within Christendom, so obviously we like him! 5. Augsburg Confession, article 1, The Trinity! Is the trinity the first thing you should teach someone about Christianity? Do your eyes glaze over when you recite the athanasian creed? music: Brendan Behan sings 'who fears to speak..' intro - dead bees outro - Broke by Joel Allen Hess check him out at soundcloud under willingvirginia references: Tribe - Sebastian Junger Book of Concord Silence by Martin Scorcese Big Lebowski - Cohen brothers St. Patrick's breast plate recited in the beginning of the show