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Ringside Preachers

Apr 2, 2018

Unlike any other religion Jesus goes big or goes home. Promises death and resurrection then He does it! Maybe more ridiculous Christ gives out free forgiveness for everything. It's insane if, again, he hadn't risen from the dead! Our hosts talk about the impact of the resurrection and of course through some laughter in for good measure! you won't be disappointed - and if you are not completely satisfied money back guarantee ! friend us on Facebook and instagram - ringsidepreachers or go to our web page and check out as well for great posts from more crazy authors we have had on the show! topics: 1. JESUS RECONCILED US TO GOD AND ONE ANOTHER! Jesus' death and resurrection does more than bring us back to God, it also reconciles us with one another! Jesus forms a church from his side, like he did from Adam's side at creation. Do we miss that part of the miracle of Easter? Me and Jesus talk isn't really biblical 2. JESUS RESURRECTION REALLY HAPPENED or else WE ARE MORONS> Bultmann made the resurrection into an existential victory not requiring belief in an historical event. 3. MARK'S ENDING IS COUNTERINTUITIVE AND THATS GOOD! Why does mark suddenly stop with fear? How is this a realistic depiction? 4. BEING UNITED IN JESUS RESURRECTION DOES NOT SIMPLY MEAN WE WILL RISE AGAIN ONE DAY. Paul in Romans 6 talks as if baptism unites us to Jesus resurrection so that we can live a new life! Is it putting us under a new morality and new law? MUSIC: JS BACH - MAGNIFICAT BMV 243 Dead Bees - I love my man